<xmp> <body> </xmp> The Witch, The Tooth, And The Dragon

Tooth Shot!

~The Remarkable Weapon~

The Philistines were beginning to notice their giant Goliath of Gath was fired up about something other than young David, who'd come out to challenge him that day. They saw Goliath moving quickly toward something they couldn't quite make out, and he was plenty excited-- STOMP! STOMP! STOMP!

Hooblinka hovered over Scat, who was out cold on the ground. Her mind seized on a plan as she stole looks at the approaching giant, fire and frenzy in his eye. "This just might work!" she thought.

"Feebles! Run over to that young boy with the sling. He's just now choosing some stones to fling at that beast. Carry Scat with you while he's still out like a light... and MAKE SURE you slip Scatcat into the sling instead. I think the only way to get RID of that vexing big mouth is to bean him with his own tooth. Otherwise, as is the way of legends and myths, he's apt to pop up again trying to reclaim our buddy here. Fight 'LIKE WITH LIKE'. That's the ticket! Part of a spell I remember reading about."

"B-b-but Hoobie, why me?" Feebles whined. "You're much better at this bravery stuff. I'm big and clumsy-- and NOTICEABLE. I'm sure to trip over my own paws and get us both flattened."

"Why you? Here's the key, Feebs.... you're BIG. You take one step to every twenty of mine. Now GO!" Hooblinka was fairly hopping with impatience, shooing the dragon along with her little bony hands, her eyes like two hot coals.

Feebles carefully picked up Scat, cradling him like a football and began RUNNING toward the boy David, who was bent over and selecting stones from the dusty ground. (Even though Feebles was of TREMENDOUS size in his own world, when on the other side he was no more than 4 inches tall) -David never noticed the little dustdevil barreling toward him with Scat clenched tightly in his paw.

"Oh dear!" Feebles was saying, looking to his left to see Goliath striding toward them. "Oh dear oh dear oh dear! I'm not cut out to be a hero!" he said, hurrying as fast as he could.

As Feebles reached David's sandals, he saw the young man's hand seize a good-sized stone and tuck it into his leather sling. Feebles BIT HIM on the thumb!-- a few flowers shooting out of his mouth at the same time-- but the shock was enough to make David loosen his grip for a second, thinking he'd been stung by a scorpion.

In that instant, Feebles tucked Scatcat into the leather patch, crossed his dragon claws and hoped for the best.

David straightened himself and saw that Goliath was well within striking distance. "GIVE ME MY TOOTH!" he shouted, his voice echoing loudly in the valley where they'd gathered, and began to approach closer, anger making his hair stand right on end.

Not knowing his stone had been replaced by Goliath's own tooth, David squinted, took aim, and released the sling. Scat SHOT THROUGH THE AIR like a bullet, and caught Goliath right between the eyes! He went down like a skyscraper, dust rising in a cloud all around them.

"Yes!!!" cried Hoobie, jumping up and down. "Feebles, collect our boy and I'll SNICK US BACK TO GRAY WORLD!"

The men standing in file behind David were cheering like mad. The Philistines were on the run in the opposite direction, having seen their strongest and tallest rendered unconscious by the brave boy, who was smiling and praising God in his heaven (they had slipped into a Bible Story after all) --but Feebles was frantically searching the dust for little Scat.

"Buddy? Where are you, Scat? We have to get out of here!" he said as he brushed the ground, feeling by claw and instinct for his small friend.

Feebles finally felt a tooth nub under his claws-- too dusty to tell for sure, but he'd know Scatcat anywhere. Nothing quite felt like that smooth enamel. He scooped up his friend and made a beeline back to Hooblinka, who was twitching and SNICKING as furiously as she could, while all around them, legs and sandals were gathering in a circle around the fallen giant and the young David.

Holding on to one another-- (and after Hoobie had planted several KISSES on her still sleeping familiar) --she said "SNICK! SNICK! SNICK!"- and in a twinkle they had landed softly back in their own world, weary and relieved.

They heard a giggle, soft and pink, its glitter fading like the falling dazzle of a shooting star. "That PIXIE!" exclaimed Feebles. "She almost got our friend stuck back in the mouth of that giant!" he said, with disgust. "I'll go grab those Time Traveler goggles-- and you put a DOUBLE LOCK on that chest, Hoobie," he said firmly. "I don't trust that blasted creature."

"Feebles," Hooblinka said, "you're a HERO!" Hooblinka told him, and she meant it, beaming. "Flowers or flames, makes no difference. You've got HEART, my friend," she said, nuzzling his scaly side.

The dragon was so touched, his eyes filled with happy tears. "I really was brave, wasn't I?" he said, in disbelief.

"You're the BEST, you old rascal!" Hoobie told him. "Now wake up sleeping beauty so we can eat. I'm starved." And that's just what they did. Scatcat opened his eyes and said, "I'm so hungry, I could eat a giant!"

Hoobie and Feebles laughed as they scoured the countryside for something especially sweet for Scatcat, who had no memory of what had happened. (And they couldn't wait to tell him.)

Even the monster BEES waiting in their hives which they couldn't yet see, did not dampen their spirits.

And wouldn't..... till they reached inside.

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