<xmp> <body> </xmp> The Witch, The Tooth, And The Dragon

Between Two Worlds

~Scatcat Meets A Spider~

As Scat the cat-tooth turned around, he felt a breezy disturbance from behind, and became TERRIFIED!

Because staring right at him was the largest, hairiest, UGLIEST spider he'd ever seen... and it was dancing!

The first thing Scat did was to call out for his friends (who were at that moment, having a swim and getting rid of the sticky banana mush that covered them from head to toe) --or claw, as would be the proper term for Feebles. Scat yelled and yelled, but there was no answer. No pounding feet were racing to help him.

In fact, Scatcat heard no splashing whatsoever. He whipped around, and the green grass had disappeared. The trees the monkeys had been swinging from moments ago were no longer there. IT WAS ALL GONE!

What he did hear was a LOUD, high voice-- a child's voice, and it BOOMED. Scatcat was no longer standing on grass, he was standing on something cottony soft. And plaid.

He looked up into nostrils as big as tunnels. He stared down what appeared to be a great distance, his eyes following what seemed to be a HUMAN ARM as never-ending as a highway, and at the end of it was an enormous hand-- holding a stick as big as a crane-- from which dangled a string attached to the dancing spider.

The giant child was BOOMING an answer to a parent, unseen to Scatcat, and it was saying, "I'm OK now, Mom. I just had something in my eye, but it came out." And the child giggled. The giggle shook the plaid cotton that teeny-tiny, small as a speck of soot Scatcat was standing on-- and very frightened.

The image of what must have happened took shape in his brain, and he knew....

"Holy JUMPING BEANS!" he thought. "I was washed out of that child's EYE, and NOW where am I? HOW do I get back?"

As he spider pranced closer, Scat was brave enough to look more carefully at the thing. Fuzzy pipe-cleaner legs and shoe-button eyes with a silly red yarn grin... it wasn't a real spider at all. It was a TOY! "I won't be supper to this thing after all!" thought Scat, much relieved.

"But even if it isn't real," thought Scatcat, "that dancing menace could still squish me flat if I'm not careful!"

Just as he thought this, Scat began to dance himself; one hair's breadth ahead of the spider the boy was making scamper along the plaid shirt and across the denim pants, with poor Scat-the-tooth doing a jig a mere step ahead of it!

"I know what must have happened," thought Scat. "Maybe because of the greasy banana all over me or because this great GIANT CHILD happened to rub his eye or blink, I washed right out of my world and into his"-- he reasoned, "but oh! OH! HOW DO I GET BACK?"

Scatcat lost all traces of bravery. "HOOBIE! FEEBLES!.... H-E-E-E-L-L-LP!!!"

On the other side of the child's tear duct, Hooblinka and Feebles were having a grand old time! Splashing each other and laughing, making bubbles by breathing into the water, doing CANNONBALLS off a tree limb, when suddenly Hooblinka's witchy powers went on full alert. THERE WAS DANGER! Somehow she knew by her twitching ears, there was most definitely something terribly wrong.

"Feebles...where is Scat? Right this minute, where is that tooth?" she said, trying to hide the panic in her voice.

"Well the last time I saw him, he was lapping up all the banana in God's creation, that piggy toothcat! I never SAW such an appetite for sweets in my life! If he's not careful he'll blow up big as a HOUSE," Feebles continued. "He'll balloon like a BLIMP and bust right out of his nubs..."

"DRAGON!!!" Hoobie screamed -"He's FALLEN OUT!"

"That careless cat has left this world and he's in trouble!" Snicking for all she was worth, Hooblinka said, "Great galloping ghosts, my tooth-cat's in trouble! WE'RE COMING, SCATCAT!"


"'We'?" -said Feebles, trembling. "I hardly think I'm necessary. You'll do your magic stuff, and good old Scat will......." He never finished his sentence. Hooblinka snagged him by his claw, wedged them both into a dark, tight place.... and leapt right into SPACE!

Just in time to see a colossal spider leg come right down on the DOT that was Scatcat..... and Hoobie shrieked.

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