<xmp> <body> </xmp> The Witch, The Tooth, And The Dragon

Tooth Meets An Old Face

~Running From The Past ~

Scatcat was happily setting himself back down in gray world, too pleased to notice the LONG dark shadow covering him more completely with every second.

Feebles and Hooblinka stopped their chattering for a moment to listen to what sounded like crickets--- or maybe the tiniest bells tinkling sweetly. There was a line of disturbance in the grass-- and as they studied it, it became a streak of glittering pink as something whizzed by-- pressing the grass flat blade by blade. Whatever it was, it was far too fast to identify.

As Hoobie and Feebles were examining the path it made, their eyes fell upon Hooblinka's goggles. (Hoobie had locked them safely in a chest and kept the key around her neck, so the first thing she did was check for the key and it was right where it should be-- over her heart.)

"What in the DICKENS is going on?" said Hoobie. "There's my Time Traveler goggles dropped there like yesterday's newspaper--there's MISCHIEF afoot, I just know it!" she added, tapping her foot while looking all around.

"Hoobie! I know that little pink streak is that trickster PIXIE... the one who made me spotted!" he said with anger. "Oh she's up to something...you can bet your witch hat she is!"

Scat was listening in on the conversation and it was only then he noticed the BIG BLACK SHADOW and HEARD the thundering voice. "WHO TOOK MY TOOTH!" it boomed.

"WHO STOLE MY MOLAR FROM MY MOUTH! I WANT IT BACKKK!" the thing bellowed. When Scatcat dared a look at its face, it showed heavy black brows lowered in a storm of fury.

The three of them looked up at a ten foot giant with rumpled black hair and a twisted beard.

He was walking in stomps, shaking the ground with each step. The three little friends hid behind a tent.

"A tent?" Hooblinka thought, startled. In the best stage whisper she could muster, she said, "There are tents all around us! This isn't gray world, guys. That blasted PIXIE has thrown us back into time and I believe that creature there is GOLIATH... and we're surrounded by Philistines, and if I'm not mistaken," she continued, "that big beast is about to get beaned by David and his slingshot...."

"SCAT!! You ARE his tooth!" Hooblinka shouted --for a moment pleased that Scat's story had been true. "Scat! You've GOT TO HIDE!" she warned, hopping with worry as the huge feet stomped closer.

"But I don't KNOW him!" he squealed. "I don't recognize that face or that mouth or anything about him!"

"Well, maybe that blamed pixie FIXED the past somehow, but we're in the middle of a Philistine battle, and he's pretty UPSET about that tooth, Scat. Maybe an arrow shot it out while the big guy was too busy BLUSTERING to notice, but it's gone... and the tooth is YOU, my little familiar, so we best think really fast!""

"But how does he SEE US?" cried Scatcat. "We're too small!"

"Well.....something I'm finding out, buddy," Hooblinka said, "is that when I get really really scared..... I sort of... make us visible. Small..." -she was quick to add, "but visible. Oh, DANG!" she spit, vexed with herself- "and at the WORST POSSIBLE TIMES!"

"Scatcat," said Feebles, weakly, ".....m-m-maybe you'd like him. Maybe you just don't remember."

Ordinarily, Hooblinka would have been furious with the dragon, but she knew he couldn't help being as fearful as he was. It was his nature, she reasoned, as she stepped over BUSHELS FULL of flowers of every possible color and fragrance.

Poor Feebles can't help the coward he is, Hooblinka thought. Any more than he can he stop his fountain of flowers. With any other dragon it would have been FLAMES AND FURY, but with Feebles it was simply 'fear and flowers'-- and that made her laugh.

(They were too busy cowering or talking..... or in Hoobie's case, laughing) to notice that the giant had spotted SCAT.


Scatcat fainted.

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