<xmp> <body> </xmp> The Witch, The Tooth, And The Dragon

Be Careful Of Wishes

~Everyone Gets A New Paint Job~

As soon as the happy trio was once again safely on home ground, they collapsed on the grass, staring up into their own gray sky.

"Hey!" said Scatcat. "Did you see the COLORS on the other side? Wow. They were something."

"Yes, I did notice that," said Feebles "My flowers have color, and our grass is green--" he offered, "though not much else is very bright. And our sky is gray" --and in thinking about that, Feebles sank into a sliding dragon funk, with not a petal coming out of him.

"Oh, you two mutton heads," Hooblinka said to both of them. "We're a MAGIC place. We're different."

"I think we're some kind of reflection of the other, but we're not the same thing at all. We're a shadow in a way.... or maybe a sort of a dream. We live in those giants' heads, after all. Maybe they're just not very imaginative-- did you stop to think of that, Feebs?" she added, scowling at how her two friends had become so discontented with their world.

"It's not just Feebles, Hoobie," Scat-the-tooth added. "I'm feeling a bit lost here myself. GRAY, GRAY, GRAY......everywhere you look!" And he pouted.

(Had he been an actual cat, he would have stuck his tail straight up in the air and turned his back on her-- ears alert and pointed, showing disapproval as cats will do.)

"I SEE YOU TURNING YOUR BACK ON ME---- TAIL UP!" Hoobie spat. "I won't have it! I won't have a willful animal as my familiar!" she said.

"Tar-bucket!" Scat shot back. "Colorless gray-black PARTY-POOPER!" he added, glaring.

"AllllllllllRIGHT!" yelled Hooblinka.

"You want COLOR? You want everything storybook pretty and me too? OK, then........here we go!" And Hooblinka squinted, read the book in her mind, did a furious "Snick! Snick! Snick!"- and

"Thunder and fire,
Spiders and tar,
Make us all rainbow-y
Not what we are!"

The whole place tilted a little. There was a smell like sulfur, a YELLOW smell that burned their eyes. Then some sharp pieces of GLITTER were flying everywhere, and when it stopped, there they stood. In puddles of bright, eye-hurting color.

Feebles looked even MORE RIDICULOUS with multi-colored dots, and Scat had stripes with every color imaginable running up and down, with a lace TUTU around his middle! Hooblinka was decked out in PINK, with PURPLE RUFFLES, and her witchy straight hair was curled and sticking out like springs....AND IT WAS BLONDE!

They stood with mouths open not knowing what to say, under a blindingly blue sky. Everything..... just everything made their heads hurt.

"TAKE IT BACK! TAKE IT BACK!" shouted Feebles-- "I look like a funhouse!"

Hooblinka chuckled as Scatcat frowned and tried to tear the tutu from his middle. "Want some ballerina slippers with that, m'dear?" she teased, and grinned evilly.

"Oh, alright. Maybe our old way was not as.......colorful....... but at least a tooth could THINK without all this......this.......blasted DISTURBANCE!"

Once again, Hooblinka consulted her book. She closed her eyes, hummed......tapped her foot precisely seven times, and "BLINK!", the place was back to the way it had been, all of them in their rightful hues. Gray sky or not, it was THEIR SKY-- and they were awash in relief.

"Careful what you wish for," Hoobie said. "We're toned down for a reason, my covetous friends. We're the 'see-ers'.... and we can't afford to be distracted. Thinking is easier when there's less to look at, including color."

Feebles was staring down the length of his scaly body, smiling. "You know," he said to them, "I never thought these dumb green dots would look so GOOD to me."

"That's called.......appreciation, " lectured Hoobie.

They were all admiring their plain old selves when they faintly heard, "Rusty!" from the other side-- and the fact that they could hear it bothered them terribly.

"What now?" moaned Scat. And soon they knew.

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