<xmp> <body> </xmp> The Witch, The Tooth, And The Dragon

Finding The Special Place

~How The Little Witch Came To Be~

In each person, there is a special place, right at the corner of the outer edge of the eye where a different world exists. It's so small you could fit it onto a pinhead, and it's precisely where all the stories hide.

The magic stuff. Fairies and the like.

They live lives that are almost inside us, and you have to listen very, very carefully or you might think it's the tiny sweep of an eyelash, but no.

It's probably Scatcat. Running. And he's probably running away from Hooblinka --who is a witch.

Hooblinka came to be when a match struck a pile of pine logs and they ignited. After they all burned away, the black black pine tar started to form itself into a homely little creature wearing a conical hat. An owl who was perched nearby, and quite startled by the moving pine ash, swooped closer until he could make out two skinny legs and a high pointed hat. It moved crazily, saying, "Snick! Snick! Snick!" --and the owl continued watching until he could plainly see it was for all the world, the smallest witch come to life out of the pine tar.

"Who am I? Who are YOU?" said the twitchy thing.

"WHOOOOOO!" said the owl.

"Don't REPEAT! It's rude!" said Hooblinka. "I just asked you a question. Who AM I?"

"WHOOOOO!" said the owl. And blinked.

Finding The Special Place

"Ah! That solves it then....apparently I'm a creature called HOO-BLINKA!"

"I think," Hooblinka said, "I must be a witch, for I'm dressed in black and I have this pointed hat. Who YOU are I don't know, for you are rude and you're not saying. But if I'm a witch... there should be a cat around here somewhere....."

And that is how Hooblinka spied her very own familiar.

It was the first thing that she saw (after the owl, of course) who flew away so fast she knew she'd never have been able to capture him, but on the path in front of her, stumbling around miserably, was a walking, talking TOOTH.

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